Thank you for allowing me to share part of my spirit, my dreams and my visions....

​And now, a little bit about my history, where this journey had started, and the road that brought me 


​​About the Artist


Phone: 860-912-8323

​​ Let me introduce myself, my name is Lorraine DeMauro....... I want to thank you. for taking the time to read a bit about me.......I'm an Artist in Acrylics and Oils.....Self taught, with 40 years of experience

 I was born into a family rich in Italian heritage, a family full of people striving with their own endeavors in the Arts....I grew and flourished in a home of musicians and artists.  Being a bit shy as a child and young woman, I found my oasis in the arts.  As time passed, my work changed and grew into an expression of where I have been in my life ,both spiritually and physically, my paintings reflecting both of those be able to transpose thought or feeling through paint and canvas.....To my delight, my art began to be noticed......compliments from friends and relatives, and encouragement from fellow artists, along with the internal drive to get better and better with each painting pushed me to strive and learn the art of painting at an even deeper level.  I have been asked to submit   internationally  for festivals in Europe, and have been featured in articles in local newspapers, as well as selling many paintings outside of New England.   My art has been shown in both OId Lyme Art Association as well as Mystic Art Association, and Connecticut Academy of Fine Art international show, and I have just recently completed a show in Waterford, Ct.

I  cannot think of anything more blessed than being able to do what you love and have a passion for and that becoming your calling in life.

Hope you enjoy my work, and if you have any questions.....please do contact me....

Thank you, Lorraine DeMauro

​The flare of the brush is where DeMauro  lives.  The colors of her life bear witness to the canvas.  Im grateful to own several of her wonderful

pieces.   Life to brush to canvas to art.......

Stephen Sloat, Connecticut

 An amazing and soulful artist.   Her art speaks to my heart and brings me peace, joy and and sense of calmness that surrounds me on a daily

basis.  I am a devoted collector and look forward to many more pieces of Ms. DeMauro's  art to purchase and enjoy......

Sharon Cannistraci, Miami, Fl

Received my first picture from Lorraine in the mail today.  I fell in love with the picture right away, but when I received it I realized the photo online didn't do it justice, it was even better. I can't wait until I get it back from being framed so I can hang it up.....Thank you Lorraine!!!  

Judy Devall.

O'Neill, Nebraska

​The artwork of Lorraine DeMauro is brilliant, vivid and unique.  She uses her talent to bring a new dimension to the art world.  Her imagination, heart and soul are expressed in her old and new work; each painting captivates the audience.  I am thrilled to have one of her earlier works.  Her talent excels in each new creation.  Its an honor and pleasure to know her.

Michael J. Robinson

Orlando, Florida